Neil Vels is the minister of Milnerton Methodist Church and also looks after the Brooklyn congregation. He and his wife Lynn got married just before moving to Cape Town from the East Rand to at the end of 2015, and have a young son Alex who lives with cystic fibrosis. Neil is passionate about the local church, reading, gardening and photography, and runs because he has to, not because he wants to! He has an MTh in ecclesiology. The family hope to be part of this community for many years to come.

Sharon Jenkings started her Christian journey at Milnerton Methodist Church many years ago. She was a member of the worship teams, Youth leadership and a Teen Church teacher with Fred Jenkings. She has a Master of Arts from UCT and spent much time on staff for their newspaper. She always thought she would go into editing or teaching and ended up with a little bit of both. After five years at an online South African literary journal, she followed her calling to work fulltime with children, sharing God’s love. In 2008 she started work as a Youth and Children’s Pastor at Brooklyn Methodist Church. Five years later she continued ministry at St Mark’s Methodist Church as Children’s Pastor and is currently the part-time Children’s Church pastor at Milnerton Methodist Church.

Sharon is a family gal and loves spending time with her family of four and extended family. There’s no place like home.

Finance, buildings, and property

We recognise that members of our congregation sacrifice to give to God’s work. We’re grateful for each contribution which we receive through each Sunday’s offering, regular tithes by stop order and direct deposit or EFT. From time to time we also embark on various fundraising initiatives. Our finances are managed in accordance with good business practices and we operate according to a clearly defined annual budget. Audited financial statements are available to interested parties.

While our focus as church is always on mission rather than maintenance, we’re also committed to care for our church campus through looking after the buildings which we have and where necessary upgrading of our facilities to remain relevant and comfortable for our congregation and those who use our premises.