God’s mission is our mission and we see that expressed in the example of Jesus who made it his mission to feed the hungry, care for the needy and love the unlovable. So our instruction from God, as his disciples, is to tell people about Jesus' love through compassionate love and caring.

During lockdown we have partnered with the Milnerton Community Area Network (CAN) as a depot for food distribution and work with a number of NGOs in the area who have been supplying both prepared and uncooked food products to people in Joe Slovo Park, Phoenix, Summer Greens, Brooklyn and the surrounding community.

Doorstep: Our Doorstep feeding scheme is a programme through which we meet the needs of those who come knocking on our doors. Each Wednesday morning we meet the immediate need of food through offering a hot meal and a bag of groceries, but also invite the people to spend time hearing God’s word and receiving Holy Communion. We have also established a small choir of homeless people. We seek to restore their dignity and place them in employment.

Congregational Outreach: During the course of the year several Sundays are set aside to appeal to our congregation for the needs of the greater community, for example we collect warm clothing for winter on Jersey and Blanket Sunday, and our harvest offering of food and money is distributed in the community.

Doorstep children: While the adults are in church, children are being loved and nurtured in a safe environment by dedicated volunteers.

English Literacy for children: Mainly for Doorstep school children, this literacy programme seeks to assist older children in learning and understanding the English language.

Other outreaches: Many of our congregation members are involved in other outreach both locally and further afield.