People often contact the church in times of family needs such as marriage, baptisms, and funerals etc. Please see contact us


Firstly, it is not necessary to be a member of this or any other church - it is our pleasure to share in this special occasion with you! We encourage you to do a marriage course in preparation for your wedding.

In terms of process, please contact the minister to confirm his and venue availability, he will arrange an initial meeting to speak about your expectations and plans for the service. For more information please contact the minister


Baptism is one of the Methodist Church’s sacraments - a visible sign of something that occurs invisibly. We baptise people, not as a naming ceremony, but as a way to recognise and point out the presence of God at work. As Methodists, we believe that the presence and grace of God are clearly at work in the life of a young child and so we celebrate and acknowledge this even as we encourage the family to live in such a way that they also make the work and presence of God visible in their life at home.

Baptism is also the sign of entry into the church. It is this which makes us reluctant to baptise the children of parents who do not attend regularly, and also why we do not do private baptisms at parents’ homes or other venues. When we baptise we introduce the child to the Christian community, represented, in our case, by the Milnerton Methodist Church. For further information please see our contact us page for appropriate documentation and contact the minister.


You're most welcome to join the Milnerton Methodist Church! If you are coming from another Methodist church please speak to both your previous and our minister to arrange for your transfer; if you’re joining from another church, or you have not been a member of a church please feel free to attend on Sundays to get to know us better.

You are welcome to partake of Holy Communion and otherwise participate in the service. You can chat to the minister or Society Stewards on Sundays if you would like the information in regard to joining, or contact the minister in the week.


You do not have to be a member of this church for us to assist in arranging a funeral for your loved one. Please contact the minister and we will do our best to assist you in your time of grief.


Children's Church

We are currently in the process of evaluating and reopening our ministries to young people and have reopened Kids for Jesus (Sunday school). Please note that all volunteers working with children are required to have the appropriate clearance. See our child care and harassment policies here